Project on IELTS exam promotion

The Project aiming to encourage university academic staff members and students to take the IELTS exam was initiated in October 2022.

Baku State University, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, and Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts are the partners of the project implemented jointly with the Education Quality Assurance Agency.

The purpose of the project is to create favorable conditions for the members of the academic staff of the universities and students to master the English language.

It was agreed exam fees of up to 300 academic staff members and students who get high scores to be covered by the Education Development Fund within the framework of the project.

Support Girls’ Education project

With the cooperation of the Education Development Fund and the State Committee for Family, Women’s and Children’s Affairs, within the framework of the “Support Girls’ Education” project, 25 girls from the regions who are socially vulnerable and who scored high points in the admission exams to higher education institutions are being supported.

The purpose of the project is to promote the role of youth, especially girls, in the development of our country, and to support them in benefiting from modern educational opportunities.

50 percent of the scholarship holders scored over 600 points during the admission exam to higher educational institutions are students of Baku State University, Azerbaijan Medical University, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Academy of the State Customs Committee, ADA University, Khazar University, and Baku Higher Oil School.